Mito 833 Touchsreen Problem

Some Mito 833 have bugs on touchscreen, after change touchsreen problem not solved.
you must know, on the market this phone available 3 version [in my face].
All of them are same, with use firmware version M10AW1108 and different is Flash IC : K5N2833ATB , S29VS128R_T and PF38F30xxM0x1xx. But some touchscreen available on t market is for K5N2833ATB. just a little for S29VS128R_T and PF38F30xxM0x1xx (20:1).
So if you have problem with your phone with flash IC S29VS128R_T / PF38F30xxM0x1xx and problem not solved by change touchscreen, its still touchscreen not match with your phone!. Try use other and other touchscreen. Don't do anything with hardware :)

Download Firmware K5N2833ATB Here
Download Firmware PF38F30xxM0x1xx Here
Download Firmware S29VS128R_T Here
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